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Maryann Rose Broyles, Founder

Aloha! Greetings from the Big Island of Hawai'i!!

Maryann Broyles founder of Hana Naia

Thank you for visiting my website and sharing in my dream. Hawai'i is a dream destination for people of all walks of life everywhere. It represents an island of health in a sea of trouble; it has a mystical quality which calms this trouble, giving us permission to relax and let go of modern worry and return to primal ancient serenity.

Over the last 30 years, I have partnered with respected essential oil experts to source the finest and purest essential oils available. Slowly and meticulously I have developed a line of products customers fall in love with. 

My primary focus is to extend the Hawaiian Sandalwood products to the world and find new ways to deliver the benefits of Hawaiian Coffee Fruit through skincare products.  

Born and raised in Chicago, I have lived in New York and Santa Cruz California before sailing to Hawaii in 1985. I have been passionately creating and using essential oils and skincare products for clients like Kona Village, Four Seasons, Fairmont, Moana Surfrider, and others since I came to Hawaii and trained as a massage therapist with my dear Auntie Margaret Machado, a world renowned Kahuna (healer).

Auntie Eleanor Makita named and blessed Hana Nai’a which means “to have great Love for the Hawaiian spinner dolphin (Nai'a).

Called Nai'a in Hawaiian, the SPINNER DOLPHIN represents an ancient seafaring friend of man, our protector at sea, who's playful, childlike innocence with mischievous enthusiasm symbolizes for many the most joyful experience of health.

Sailing to Hawai'i is a dream which I fulfilled in March, 1985. After a harrowing passage, and providential arrival, our senses were keen for the anticipation of landfall. The storm which threatened to destroy us, pushed us along the sea road rounding South Point, then up the Kona coast to refuge in Kealakekua Bay.

Big Island Hawaii Spinner Dolphin PodPhoto by Hitomi Miyoshi

The greeting we were given by the scores of spinner dolphins playing in the bow wake and otherwise escorting us the entire last leg of our journey was the most profound welcome in my life. All the island scents filled our breath and the moist air from the storm felt recharged with white ginger, plumeria, jasmine, tuberose, mango, even the domestic smells of coffee and good cooking. These welcome aromatic greetings made a profound effect upon one so deprived during passage. I am so grateful to be on the Big Island safely.

Hawaiian Sandalwood Forest Big Island Hawaii Mauna Loa
Currently I am working closely with our friends and neighbors on the Big Island at Haloa Aina ( and their Sandalwood reforestation project. Haloa Aina is a native Hawaiian forestry and education organization committed to economic prosperity and environmental responsibility being guided by cultural values for a more sustainable Hawaii.

Mâlama Pono,
Maryann Rose Broyles
Founder, Hana Nai'a