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"I ordered the Sacred Breath Oil because I received a spa treatment at the Four Seasons Hotel in which it was used. It is such a superior oil to others that I have used. I’m really happy with Haha Naia."

Joseph C.


"Wonderful quality essential oil. There is so much variation with "quality" essential oils. Hana Nai'a genuinely has very high quality oils, and exceptional service. This company is excellent and you can trust that they have taken every precaution to ensure a superior product and sourced responsibly."

Kate E.


"Love the serum! The brilliant concoction in this bottle should be in everyone's daily face moisturizing routine! Thank you 🌺"

Ramona M.


"Hana Nai'a Aromatherapy should be considered the gold standard for an internet vendor. Their products are of absolutely highest quality; their customer service goes beyond that..., thank you!!!"

Mark L.


"SacredBreath is intoxicating opening your entire respiratory system to experience exhilarating breath."

Skipper J.


"I loved everything I received. Thanks for producing such pure products that breathe ALOHA!"

Lynette K.

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Hawaiian Coffeeberry®

Powerful antioxidant made from Hawaiian Coffee Fruit grown in Kona Hawaii. Hawaiian Coffeeberry® acts as an important & powerful secret ingredient to include in your skincare treatment as a way to protect your cells from environmental toxins and support damaged tissue repair.

Organic Royal Hawaiian Sandalwood

Beyond the positive environmental impact of this project, our Royal Hawaiian Sandalwood essential oil is very special and sacred because it contains over 70% Santalol; which is the organic compound responsible for the fragrant aroma. One drop goes a long way!