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AmberDreams Blend in Jojoba

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Especially magical when used at night before bed, AmberDreams is a very sensuous, luxuriously rich, and moisturizing blend of 4 essential oils including our special Royal Hawaiian Sandalwood that leaves your skin hydrated and clean feeling.

Rare and exotic ingredients transport the spirit on a sacred journey within. It is to be used reverently and sparingly.

In Siddha Ayurveda "less is more". When anointed it balances Chakras, opening the divine beauty that radiates inside each one of us and connecting to the divine beauty in others.

Directions for Use

A little goes a long way. Dot the beauty points of the face and neck with this rich blend and gently massage into skin. You can also anoint the body. For a luxurious and romantic evening you can immerse yourself in AmberDreams and massage over the entire body.

Pure Organic & Wildcrafted Essential Oils:
+ Organic Sweet Orange from Sicily
+ Organic Patchouli from India
+ Vanilla Absolute from Tahiti
+ Royal Hawaiian Sandalwood from the Big Island of Hawaii (Santalum Paniculatum)
+ Premium Dark Amber oil infused with Amber Essence from India.

Other Ingredients:  Organic Jojoba