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Sweet Heart: Heart Chakra Oil and Massage Blend in Organic Jojoba

Sweet Heart: Heart Chakra Oil and Massage Blend in Organic Jojoba

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Sweet Heart Chakra and Massage Oil is a gift that tenderly opens the emotional knots of the heart. This sacred ritual oil awakens the chakras - bringing prosperity, joy, and inner peace; allowing one to rest feeling safe and sound.

This blend of 4 pure essential oils deepens the connection to ones higher self and purpose. These oils are infused with a high vibrational green aventurine gemstone which is a companion to the pioneering spirit. It is uncomplicated and fresh helping us connect to a clearer path.

When making decisions, Sweet Heart helps connect us to the heart. It brings abundance and helps us trust that whatever path we choose, it will always be the right one. It stimulates creativity and enhances our sense of humor and cheerfulness.

All of our oils come from sources that are pure and of the highest quality. Organic Jojoba provides a wonderful base for our Essential Oils, all of which exceed organic standards.

Directions For Use

Hold the bottle close the heart, take in a breath and exhale slowly. Invite the mind to partake in a magical journey. Gently and reverently place a few drops on the finger to anoint the heart center and anywhere else your guided. This can also be massaged over the entire body for a full embrace of the magic inside our heart.


+ Organic Jojoba
+ Organic Sweet Orange from South Africa
+ Organic White Lavender from the French Pyrenees
+ Organic Rose Otto from Turkey
+ Wildcrafted Pink Lotus from India