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HawaiianSunset Aftersun Massage Blend in Organic Jojoba

HawaiianSunset Aftersun Massage Blend in Organic Jojoba

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HawaiianSunset Aftersun Massage Oil
Wonderful for treating sunburned skin HawaiianSunset helps heal tissue damaged by the sun or other types of burns. Moisturizing and cooling, HawaiianSunset can be used on any type of skin. Can be used as a massage oil, bath oil, or moisturizing body oil.

Directions for Use:
SHAKE WELL before using. Use liberally over the entire body to enjoy a uplifting and balancing massage

+ Wild Intratropica Blue Cyprus from the Australian Aborigine
+ Organic German Blue Chamomile
+ Organic Green Velvet Eucalyptus Globulus from Corsica
+ Organic Hydrodistilled Himalayan Geranium from India
+ Organic Lavender from Kashmir
+ Organic Peppermint from the USA
+ Organic Spearmint from the USA
+ Organic Jojoba