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Hana Nai'a Essential Oils Kit

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Experience four of our most popular essential oil blends, This special kit includes 5ml of each of 4 premium aromatherapy experiences (SacredBreath, SweetHeart, Jewel in the Lotus, and Kashmir Lavender) and comes bundled together in a special hemp pouch.

Our Hemp pouches are manufactured in the highlands of Guatemala by an indigenous Mayan family business. Each oil is also housed in Miron Glass from Switzerland. This innovative glass protects the oils from UV damage, extending their life and freshness.

SacredBreath: Breathing Oil

SacredBreath assists with realization of one's potential and increases the desire for change. Helps to release anguish and fear and awaken the "HA" (Hawaiian Breath of Life). 

Ingredients: 100% Pure Essential Oil of Ravensara Aromatica from Madagascar

Sweet Heart: Heart Chakra Oil

Sweet Heart Chakra oil is a gift that tenderly opens the emotional knots of the heart. This sacred ritual oil awakens the chakras - bringing prosperity, joy, and inner peace; allowing one to rest feeling safe and sound.

Ingredients: Organic Jojoba with organic Sweet Orange from South Africa, organic White Lavender from the French Pyrenees, organic Rose Otto from Turkey, and Wildcrafted Pink Lotus from India.

Kashmir Lavender: Diffuser

Kashmir lavender has fruity rich notes. It is purifying and creates a peaceful atmosphere and helps induce sleep. The plant symbolizes longevity, perseverance, purity, peace, love, and affection. Lavender from Kashmir helps maintain skin tone. Soothing for dealing with grief and pain in the head.

Ingredients: Pure Organic Essential Oils of: Lavender from Kashmir

Jewel in the Lotus: Third Eye Chakra Oil

Jewel in the Lotus enhances meditative and deep thought, opens third eye allowing one to journey within. It is a mental stimulant and ritual oil that deepens breathing and helps with prayer and meditation. 

Ingredients: Organic Jojoba with a blend of pure Organic & Wildcrafted Essential Oils of: Blood Orange from Israel, Sweet Basil from Egypt, Precious Premier Wild Frankincense from Oman, Rose Geranium from China, Wild Rosewood from Brazil, Sandalwood Supreme from India, and Spearmint from the USA

*Caution: Please do not use Jewel in the Lotus during pregnancy