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Euphoria Massage Blend in Organic Jojoba

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The first thing you notice is a wonderful euphoric aroma similar to fresh mango; a citrus-floral scent which evokes languid sunshine, turquoise sea, exotic fruits, flowers, and palm-lined white sandy beaches.

Refreshing, playful and aesthetically pleasing, people notice this fresh scent and comment on it.  Euphoria is a floral tonic for stress, anxiety and depression, promotes emotional optimism and helps release rigid attitudes.

All of our oils come from sources that are pure and of the highest quality. Organic Jojoba provides a wonderful base for our Essential Oils, all of which exceed organic standards.

Directions for Use

Generously apply to the pulse points of the wrist and anywhere else you want to experience the radiance of your spirit soaring. Can be used for a very sensuous massage.


Organic jojoba with a euphoric blend of pure organic essential oils.