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DeepForest Massage Blend in Organic Jojoba

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Transport yourself into the depth the forest, inhaling the rich canopy of these spiritual woods. The cedar trees were mentioned in the Bible symbolizing everything was fertile and abundant.  Monks in India sit under the cedar groves and meditate, This oil comes from those very trees.

We also use Thyme Linalol leaves flower tops from France which have been used for over 4,000 years dating back to 2,000BC in ancient Sumeria. This oil is associated with courage, strength, morality, and clear thinking. During WWI thyme was used as a disinfectant in hospitals.

A natural aphrodisiac, and deep relaxation aid, our Deep Forest blend helps with aching joints, cold flu as well as wound healing, eczema, reducing cellulite, stimulating the lymphatic system, help with respiratory congestion, chronic bronchitis, arthritis, and nervous exhaustion. DeepForest is also an immune stimulant, aids in circulation and mental stress, Can be used as a massage oil, bath oil, or moisturizing body oil.

Directions for Use

Massage over entire body for deep relaxation, and meditation. Can be massaged or roll on chest to relieve congestion, neck, aching joints, and inflamed areas. Apply on dry skin, eczema, or areas with cellulite.


+ Organic Royal Hawaiian Sandalwood
+ Wild Black Spruce from Canada
+ Wild Himalayan Cedar from India
+ Organic Thyme Linalol from France
+ Organic Jojoba