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Clarity: Headache Relief

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Clarity: Headache Relief
This powerful blend of 6 organic essential oils from Egypt, France, Tahiti, the US, and Israel soothes your headache fast. The bottle is small enough to travel with and use anytime you need safe rapid relief from headaches and migraines. These oils have been used for centuries to help with pain. The scent is fresh and clean and you can take comfort knowing only the purist ingredients are touching your skin.

Directions for Use
Roll on the temples in circular motion. Apply to entire neck, shoulders, forehead and scalp as well. Please keep out of eyes.

*Clarity should be avoided by epileptics and those with high blood pressure due to a contraindication with Rosemary.

*Do not take internally; if pregnant consult your physician.

+ Organic Jojoba + Sweet Basil from Egypt
+ Lavender from Kashmir
+ Sweet Marjoram from France
+ Niaouli from Tahiti
+ Peppermint from the USA
+ Rosemary from Israel