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MuscleMagic: Sore Muscle Remedy

MuscleMagic: Sore Muscle Remedy

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Created by Maryann after a serious car accident, Maryann used this blend to treat her sore muscle and joint pain. This powerful muscle reliever blends over 14 rare essential oils of the purest quality to help those with arthritis, back pain, and muscle pain.

Works fast; you can use the roll on bottle to apply MuscleMagic anywhere your joints, muscles, or tendons are sore. The bottle is small enough to travel with and use anytime. It's especially useful on long flights or anytime muscles may get sore.

Directions for Use:
Roll on liberally to sore areas for relief of arthritic joints, tired, sore, or injured muscles and tendons.

* * MuscleMagic should be avoided by epileptics and those with high blood pressure due to a contradiction with Rosemary

+ Organic Jojoba
+ Benzoin from Laos
+ Sweet Birch from the USA
+ German Blue Chamomile from Hungary
+ Blue Cypress from Australia
+ Rajasthan Coriander Co2 distillation from India
+ Green Velvet Eucalyptus Globulus from Corsica
+ Ginger from Indonesia
+ Gingergrass from India
+ Hemp Essential Oil from Canada
+ Juniper Berries from France
+ Lavender from Kashmir
+ Peppermint from the USA
+ Pine from Finland
+ Rosemary from Israel
+ Sweet Orange from Sicily