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Jewel in the Lotus: Third Eye Chakra Oil

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Frequently used in conjunction with one's Yoga or Meditation practice, Jewel in the Lotus enhances meditative and deep thought, opens third eye allowing one to journey within.

A mental stimulant and ritual oil that deepens breathing and helps with prayer and meditation, Jewel in the Lotus is also refreshing as this blend relieves mental strain.

This oil was creatively inspired for use with the third eye stone, by Maryann's dear friend Mary Nelson, for the original magical "LaStone" treatments. You can learn more by visiting their website

All of our oils come from sources that are pure and of the highest quality. Organic Jojoba provides a wonderful base for our essential oils, all of which exceed organic standards.

Directions for Use

Close eyes and apply one drop on third eye (between brows), take a deep breath, and think virtuous thoughts. Enhance with candle light and Hana Nai'a Meditation blend in Jojoba. You can also anoint a loved one! (very sacred)

*Caution: Please do not use Jewel in the Lotus during pregnancy


+ Organic Jojoba
+ Blood Orange from Israel
+ Sweet Basil from Egypt
+ Precious Premier Wild Frankincense from Oman
+ Rose Geranium from Turkey
+ Wild Rosewood from Brazil
+ Royal Hawaiian Sandalwood from the Big Island of Hawaii (Santalum Paniculatum)
+ Spearmint from the USA