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Anointment helps relieve insomnia, stress, and tension by helping to calm your adrenals so you can rest. The essential oil, Spikenard Extra from Nepal in Anointment works to balance the powerful sympathetic and parasympathetic functions of your nervous system. This helps you to "rest and repose" versus "fight-or-flight".

This blend of Spikenard, Sandalwood, and Red Rose helps to calm restlessness and release fear encouraging feelings toward spiritual teachings; inspiring devotion, generosity, and deep inner peace. Good for soothing stress of heart, mind, and spirit.

All of our oils come from sources that are pure and of the highest quality. Organic Jojoba provides a wonderful base for our Essential Oils, all of which exceed organic standards.

The Spikenard used in this blend comes from a very special source in Nepal where they have been reverently providing a very pure emerald green Spikenard oil for generations. The Red Rose from Turkey is the best of the roses and amplifies healing and rest. The special Royal Hawaiian Sandalwood oil from the Big Island of Hawaii (Santalum Paniculatum) grounds you under the canopy of the sandalwood forest.

Directions for Use
Reverently massage several drops into bottom of the feet. For extra relaxation and calming the spirit, apply to base of neck and stomach above the belly button. Pleasant dreams! Good for stress of Heart, Mind, and Spirit

+ Organic Jojoba
+ Organic Red Rose from Turkey
+ Organic Royal Hawaiian Sandalwood Oil from the Big Island of Hawaii (Santalum Paniculatum)
+ Organic Spikenard Extra from Nepal