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Organic Hawaiian Gardenia (kiele) in Jojoba from Maui

Organic Hawaiian Gardenia (kiele) in Jojoba from Maui

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Transport yourself with the flower power of this incredible oil.  The magnificent Hawaiian Gardenia (kiele) flowers are carefully grown organically in the cool Maui upcountry mist on the slopes of Haleakalā.  The oil is prepared using the traditional “enfleurage” method.  This involves hand selecting and gently placing hundreds of fresh flowers in jojoba in a special temperature controlled glass apparatus where the scent is allowed to diffuse into the oil over the course of two months.  Spent flowers are replaced daily with fresh ones until the oil has reached a desired degree of fragrance saturation (usually 90 days or more).  

Energetically, Hawaiian Gardenia is sweet, uplifting, and purifying; opening the heart chakra.  Gardenia activates the sacral (second) chakra where it influences emotion, hormones, and creativity.  Gardenia is said to influence hormones that significantly influence mood.  

This oil is very pure and powerful, please use it reverently and with gratitude to the 'āina that provides us with such beautiful gifts of aloha.

Directions For Use

This oil is very delicate and soft.  We suggest using the Gardenia oil by placing 2-3 drops anywhere on your body (especially your heart chakra, back of the neck ,and pulse points) or 3 to 4 drops in damp hair.  The Gardenia oil is too delicate to diffuse in a general diffuser and the aroma of the Gardenia is lost.


Organic Hawaiian Gardenia essential oil (Gardenia jasminoides) and Organic Jojoba