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Organic Hawaiian Frangipani (plumeria) in Jojoba from Maui

Organic Hawaiian Frangipani (plumeria) in Jojoba from Maui

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Although Plumeria (frangipani) came to Hawaii in 1860 by a German botanist, the Plumeria has become an expressive part of Hawaiian Aloha as it is used in traditional flower lei's.  Medicinally, early Hawaiians found plumeria oil had wonderful healing capacity as it's soft aroma provides a calming influence for those suffering from fear, anxiety, insomnia or tremors.

Beyond it's beautiful appearance, the oil from it's petals are best described as self-harmonizing. Offering relief from stress (sedative effect), plumeria oil refreshes, boosts self-esteem, and inspires romance. Hawaiian Plumeria uplifts overall emotions about the self and the surrounding environment, and brings out fearlessness to reach your highest good! 

Directions For Use

Place 2-3 drops anywhere on your body (especially your heart chakra).  You can also place a few drops in a foot bath or diffuser. For a full body bath, fill the bath half way with warm water (not too hot or the oils will evaporate), then put 5-10 drops in tub, swish around, and continue filling the tub. Light a candle and enjoy!


Organic Hawaiian Frangipani (plumeria alba) essential oil and Organic Jojoba