Wild Blue Yarrow from France works its magic to penetrate deep to reduce puffiness, dark circles, and wrinkles around the eyes or trouble spots.

This blend of sacred oils aids traumas, bruises, burns, acne, allergies, dermatitis, eczema, by stimulating new cell growth.

Relaxing blend calms nerves by acting as an antidepressant, harmonizing your nervous system to help release anxiety and anger.
Perfect blend of fresh 100% pure organic Kona coffee with organic Sweet Orange from South Africa
Royal Hawaiian Sandalwood Essential Oil, Santalum Paniculatum
Anointment helps you calm down. Useful for relief from insomnia, stress, and tension by helping you balance your adrenals and rest.
Royal Hawaiian Sandalwood Organic Essential Oil (Santalum Paniculatum) is light, woody, fruity, sweet, delicate, rich, & fragrant. Beautifying and conditioning, this is an excellent treatment for dry or damaged hair due to environment or stress.

Magical when used at night before bed, rare and exotic essential oils transport the spirit on a sacred journey within.

Works fast to relieve arthritis, back pain, and muscle pain. Use the roll on bottle to apply MuscleMagic anywhere joints, muscles, or tendons are sore.

Fight free radicals, soften, beautify, nourish, tighten, and soothe; helping skin feel younger and smoother.

Organic Green Tea Absolute from the purest sources in India are used in this nourishing face lotion or spot treatment on damaged skin.

Exotic, meditative, and sensual blend. Meditation blend in Jojoba can be used anytime or in sacred purification ceremonies to help balance all the Chakras.
Warm and soothe muscles and joints while reducing inflammation and strain. Relieve tendinitis and improve circulation by reducing lactic buildup.

Relieves mental strain and aids with prayer and meditation by enhancing deep thought, opening the third eye allowing one to journey within.

Rich in all of the Omega fatty acids, Hemp LimeScentsation blend in Jojoba revitalizes skin with a clean crisp scent.

Deepen the connection to ones higher self and purpose. The scent is uncomplicated and fresh, helping us connect to a clearer path.

SacredBreath relieves respiratory symptoms caused by Cold, Flu, Asthma, VOG, & SMOG. The travelerís companion!
These oils have been used for centuries to help with pain. Use anytime you want quick, safe, and natural relief from headaches & migraines.

Use when the body and the mind need calming to sleep or to minimize effects of crossing time zones.

Pure aloe & essential oils make HawaiianSunset moisturizing and cooling while healing tissue damaged by the sun or other types of burns.

Exotic, meditative, and sensual blend. Meditation lotion can be used anytime or in sacred purification ceremonies to help balance all the Chakras. Softens thick and chapped skin, helps reduce puffiness and wrinkles, calms the skin and supports regeneration and cell hydration. Calms emotions, eases tensions, anger, and frustration. Euphoria Blend is a floral tonic for stress, anxiety and depression. Promotes emotional optimism and helps release rigid attitudes.

Revitalizes tired and dull skin with Warming Ginger lotion. Stimulate, nourish, and firm - leaving skin glowing, tighter, and younger looking.

Transport yourself into the depth the forest, inhaling the rich canopy of three spiritual woods including Wild Himalayan Cedar from India.

Feel the refreshing tingle in your toes. Spearmint is an organic herbal lotion. Soothing, cooling, yet invigorating. It is safe to use (even during pregnancy) and smells divine.
Very limited special Organic Lavender from Kashmir has fruity notes creating a peaceful atmosphere to help induce sleep.

Clean, cleansing, and uplifting to the spirit!

Our delicate face oil helps uplift, balance, and tonify skin with Organic Red Rose from Turkey, Organic Jasmine from India and special Royal Hawaiian Sandalwood Oil from the Big Island of Hawaii (Santalum Paniculatum).

Great for bath, massage, treating diaper rash and a gentle way to connect with Baby. Adults like it too!

Invigorating and euphoric lotion for men or women to soften skin, reduces puffiness and wrinkles, and calm.

Created especially for expecting mothers, this relaxing and soothing blend helps with morning sickness, muscle tension, backaches, digestion, and stretchmark prevention.